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A never-ending learner to extract technological semantics from unstructured text

Word2Tech is a technology developed by expert graph to extract technological semantics from unstructured text (any English word/phrase/short sentence).

Different from most existing AI systems that only parrot our language, word2tech interprets our language to build the understanding needed for rich human engagement. Also like human beings, word2tech evolves over time to adapt herself to new concepts and technologies. 

Flexible Input Format

The input to word2tech is in natural language, and can be any English word, phrase, even short sentence. 

Semantic Categories

Text is mapped to more than 200K semantic categories that machines understand. Such categories cover all existing tech fields.

Vector Representation

Internally, every input is represented as a fixed-length vector. Such vectors have semantic meanings and can be directly compared.

Never-ending Learning

Like human beings, Word2Tech evolves on her own every minute to adapt to new concepts and technologies.